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14 September



Elizabeth Cropper will receive the I Tatti Mongan Prize in a ceremony in the Gould Hall of the Brice Loggiato. The Prize, created in honor of Agnes and Elizabeth Mongan, was founded by a gift from Melvin Seiden in 1986.  It is given to a scholar of Italian Renaissance art, French art, drawings, and connoisseurship who carries into a new generation the qualities of imaginative scholarship, personal generosity and devotion to the institutions of art history that were exemplified in their own generation by Agnes and Elizabeth Mongan.


12-14 October


International conference

The Medici in the Fifteenth Century: Signori of Florence?, organized by Robert Black and John Law (see here for the preliminary program). This will be held on 12th October (at the Monash University Prato Centre) and on 13th  and 14th October (at Villa I Tatti). This interdisciplinary conference will consider to what extent the fifteenth-century Medici conformed to the signorial pattern of North and Central Italy and to what extent their regime represented continuity with communal and republican traditions. The two leading British historians of Renaissance Italy – Philip Jones (d. 2006) and Nicolai Rubinstein (d. 2002) – engaged in an unspoken dialogue regarding the status of the Medici in fifteenth-century Florence: the former was inclined to assimilate Florence and the Medici to the despotic paradigm, whereas the latter tended to look for continuity with the republican and communal past. There has been surprisingly little published scholarly debate on this important question, particularly from a comparative perspective. All speakers at the conference will compare the fifteenth-century Medici with other Italian regimes or with earlier Florentine regimes. This event constitutes part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Monash University Centre in Prato and the 50th anniversary celebrations of the The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies in Florence.


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